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Monday, May 31, 2004


Across the line of symmetry
assumes a frightful ride,
each design
so the two
halves match
ready to absorb the beautiful
somber fill of a feeder


fierce trapeze
heavenly fighting ferrari

Coy & unlimited duration
glows the dull of common,
rare sight
of one
marvelous dream
recalls the future
ready to define the bounty
invisible flash beams


posted by Li  # 1:07 PM

If nowhere pill bugs
under moss mat fixed a blog

spot of poetry

Guppies Eat Elodea
& Snails Cabomba

And if blogs were
studious & sweetened, what


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Thursday, May 27, 2004


Colonial Teacher

Write the family facts below
each Beckett
each trance
each Fanny

Skip then stop,
pick the kiss
frill, scare
what happens

Joseph forgot his manners, he'll sulk a dunce cap


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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


For religious reasons 

corn is the beer
Field of boys tossing balls
Course every 21 days calmly textured
All we need is the contrary


posted by Li  # 7:03 PM

Home Ledge

Dark afternoon
parrots have become speechless
finally! timely

Ostrich combining
a fine feather nest
talkative leaves

Tips an amorous egg
window, window, window

Speckles will blow.

-after Anselm Hollo's

Indian Summers

on the wall
vine leaves
in his eye

the warmth of their color

he thought
did I miss out on nature?
all these years

two pigeons were walking
across a green roof
above the vine leaves
which were red

they were too much
like people

he wished they would go away

when he looked up
they were gone

and there is talking
and no end to talking

no end to the things made out of human talk


posted by Li  # 9:05 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Toe zan

Subject to cars ringing
Search in outside circles
Replace diction air, now.
The subject must enliven
Slide alone to skyscraper



To meet to cross
Too late

    Err must ease & enter, 



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Monday, May 24, 2004


Her storybook
Trip to the dentist

"It's not about my..."
Age 7 first cavity nightmare

"It's about her..."
Predicament to face discomfort

We'll scooter with helmets



To disguise


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Friday, May 21, 2004



supplements, oh...
and shrink my snarly tangle.

An invite certainly
making the same
or movements
at the same time
measures heat
to familial

I am
there is
something to remember

Places to measure
crazy, the mirror
fascinates, hot
or colder

as a hug



posted by Li  # 6:38 PM

An Ashbery confessional twist:

Everything conspires to hide the mess of inner living.

but Love, but modern Art & Music -- this can't be so.


posted by Li  # 3:58 PM

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Robertson Davies on Writers - (tho' e.g. all male biased)

. . . a special breed of people, and apart from their gifts,

it is not a breed that is necessarily agreeable or interesting.
If you want to be a writer, and are not, you may take comfort
in the fact that you are not a vulgarian, like Dickens or Balzac,
or a bounder like H. G. Wells, or an embezzler like O. Henry,
or a pitiful self-deceiver like Wilde, or a sour invalid like Pope,
or a snorting, sneering snob like Nabokov. You are a delightfully
normal, admirable, lovable human being -- you are just not a writer.


posted by Li  # 9:48 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


She improves the world.

In the bathtub I just washed
my baby's hair?

She'll go to Ravinia
(in an arm cast, dumb irony)
to celebrate her friendships.

Radiant depth,
words fail me

In the bathtub I just washed
(my baby's?) hair.

One decade, carry on Sarah.


... all my absent years are coming

-John Ashbery

Time is going, I said invest myself a lush glance

but Time isn't physical, abstract or domestic.
Abruptly, distanced by the telephone: Hello,
Pen's at the paper store. Pen isn't ordinary,
work your way in the physical... a gaggle of geese
crossed the road. The hunter shot two elks. How
many fish did you catch? We saw several reindeer,
a team of strong oxen pulled the wagon. The little
girl's front teeth are growing. My absent years are growing.

posted by Li  # 8:29 AM

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Golden Eye Parable

The children shall be helped & accountable,

extra toast on breakfast trays,
blood rushed to the feet
by merry hearts;
listen closely.
Blather clear, tenable
twitching Troll merely meant:
Hear a million books falter,
Merry souls offer unsung
wisdom moved by the Tralalas
break of the fourth book

his dish
shall remain

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Thursday, May 13, 2004


(some notes: engage, accent over 'e')

Self-styled abscess / 


summer tongues /


Planetarium hiker
passive funnel

charitable sleep /


Mind written
hand locks

boundless argot /



Lightning mumble
Mowers permissable
Busses remove dictators / temporarily
Spring maneuvers / black / minty singers




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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


Fluffy Rock

A few minutes in these disco shorts

I'm feeling mildly stoned
Marginal instability
Art standing for facile reason
Gotta shimmy the areca


First Moonwalk

Responds to "Help Needed 4 Logic" 

In rocket to carry him outside
Leapt for us all


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Sunday, May 09, 2004


Trifles That Buy Her


the flesh
Rewriting on the crest

many more like it.

Extrovert doing 

as one normally
would drizzle on pines, complimenting
their mystery newel

Whether    or not wanting 

to be edged at the coast,
faring well

Bold admiration 

heavily downstairs showered

seaweed & peony

or the mavin    coming in this way

lowers ~
nearing Delhi

for my Mom


posted by Li  # 11:14 AM

Friday, May 07, 2004

Miles & Miles

The treat
is mine before I light
above the branch and ride to town.
Another game postponed I've heard
my Patty neighbor dared a frown? No,
how dare she walk my usual pass, my
place so natural, a lonely joy. Down fly
Good Mileage,
another surprise, given, on time.


posted by Li  # 2:33 PM

Thursday, May 06, 2004


The Ass Waggeth His Ears

Seems like some of these
younger ones grew up
still believing that old
hype about this being
"a fast world"

     the world ain't fast

it's big and sluggish and doesn't
give a sh-- about your microbial jerking around

    widescreen night stars

    smudge planes slow

    astronomical corkscrew aesthetics

as chemically complicated as poetry equals curved speech

--Anselm Hollo (makes me smile ... Ps. *your* meaning *our*)


posted by Li  # 11:34 AM

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Today, I observed my ...
Plant having taller leaves ...
Beet root never means ...
Hit my ...
Feet ...

Make a garden to grow your ...
Do not let the animals eat your ...
Make a gate so they can't take your ...
The animals don't like your ...
Roses pricked upon your ...
Dirty hole inside your ...
Moles that pry on your ...
Sniff and sigh at your ...
Barnyard for your ...

Sore spot.
Plant buckets, tents.
Sincerity strum, clamps.
Rusty ham hurts, run,
Fly past, roots tie.

Hundreds, tens, and one riddle

Some shine
Some shore
Some boat

Brush stroke

Tea dawn

Some fib

My friend keeps a pretty green bird;
Sometimes it makes a lot of sense
To feed seed for simple song:
Why won't you believe
Don't you believe,
Close your eyes
Lay tender.

When some things are far away
you can see the whole thing.
And when some things are too close
they become blurry.
Her constellation was a picture
of a heart,
making constellations fun.

Cooking soup was not,
cooking soup was not.


posted by Li  # 9:44 AM


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