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Sunday, February 29, 2004


 Craving the brain 

given to me- Lord, thank you -new perception soothes as I
watch elated squirrels
Sunday's class is small...

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Saturday, February 28, 2004


You Dear I Love

     While thinking around you    

I don't enjoy
being- why?

Auto means develop mint-mates
Couples doubling taxi
BECAUSE it is the easier
grey port-a-phone's
Common ton cutting board
quality bump.... stifled, sir Killing me
fact obsession about her treadmill *** madly
*** apt business
blowing steam off Don Giovanni
Love, high end love.... fact/realities
There's so much passion
between home and us.... There (may) be
3 night selection
sex we seem
apart, cycles of the intense cool
jazz anquish
And it always comes back

Perhaps I More Than He


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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Life changes
never as
as reflections

   while        still

consciousness -


highest gain


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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I am reminded      alike because too

I connect blind make this help

I thrust the author trying
Telling me another book about

Big world commencement tilt-case
Eulogy invokes writing pro people

Constraint side reverse man side too
Evokes re cent pathos, thought changes

Author told a time points at Ceasar's
Beliefs power bequeathed a composite

Having to defend going after the gutter
Fight befriending a vacuum finder

You, if will recovers

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Monday, February 23, 2004


The Meters, Cameo, JT, Eddi Reader,
Sea & Cake, Les Nubians, Alison, RP

Hey Pocky A-way
turning, turning it a-round


posted by Li  # 2:20 PM
A February poem last year
the drab light lilting tin
This year quality from true
earning discriminates

clear as pulse center


posted by Li  # 9:27 AM

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Yeah Our Singin'

I think about wonderful, 

makes me want to sing
I've been meaning to say
when life feels lousy,
I don't mean to complain today
it couldn't possibly remain that way.
Our best sound needn't sound dramatic
an easy slip

I'm happy enveloping you
enjoying the calm ...one by one lining up
works under the overall edge,
music preserves.


posted by Li  # 9:51 AM

Friday, February 20, 2004


Life of the Sailor

This is the life for me!

I insist... maybe I didn't... that when characters
fell onto earth, they picked up the cards throwing
them to Mars... However one nice dragon never
fell down. He heard everything that happened
through the characters near & far. He swooped
down to earth, with his fire burned the bad halves
...melting them to ashes and took over the world.


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Saturday, February 14, 2004


Leave of Absence -

Mary J Blige'd out - too much drama in the life

Happy Valentines - poetry mates



    Whose selfish imagination

under what conditions -
extraneous ponds in the Sahara
of whose pondering - private solutions
Private heart evades fever,
co-exists human movement

the void

posted by Li  # 5:29 PM


All potstickers vigorous & strange
carmelized wonton red licks

A pulp cup,
no visual contest

Waffle sticks fleshy rock
stuck anyway

Chill-grill pea pod snow boards
chive naps... tobikko seeds

The front room flatware
water hosts a lemon slice

Sister's way_ fresh floral


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Thursday, February 12, 2004


Hall Marked: to LOVE to luv to love: to UNISON

So love will be smothering untame illusive
So love will be energy brand-new inundated
So that love will be simple naive & incorrigible
So that love will be yielding inclusive mutual

___________Love that heals_____________

{snacks} are: Artichoke Soup Baked Tuna
Belly Warm, Warm Belly Vanilla Cakes........


posted by Li  # 6:03 PM

Beautiful Discord Not Intended To Hurt

------Tiresome by my planet
--------------shame on two patterns talking
worth. Some time
came at it------rapping scoop
Not, not never liking lot-----in life
mad lies, we've promised
banker caresses '0004
---------open - folds - closure
(squish squash sound detestable)
----Wait hold worry if sorry
Thrashing hold me, leaves you lone
------------etcetera plethora

Mold broken "I declare I do not love you no more"
large needle pain, I've felt what you feel, how's it feel- wall?
bad feels good from where I'm sensing reversal, must be


I have to type this one thing twice
To hide now...I have to hear her sad
Going away... I confront
You to go away now
Go away
& never come back
He says
Literature isn't interesting, like our
Passion isn't love isn't torment isn't


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Wednesday, February 11, 2004



Stand an hour    

through hot pouring
teach puncheon for mead wine
and piccolo rats
let the poor folks be {quietly}

for the drowning
merry tunes
to their cost
She said grok, ! so I hope
thanking Em


Where they learn,  I've seen circles

makes you think those also my children
experience crystals divine. The place
to pitch is straight and
you'll hear derangement
I'm not foolin' for doctors. For instance
"mind of your own" themes open, the mystery
pops wheelies, nifty; duplicates diagonal croquet
as you hear mallets & balls.

from Lessons

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


It is past 10:30, loving him best
when at the banquet, keeping
& ripening
at forty instincts
less. What springs?
Not a dying mind, the last brutal wind
almost but didn't
force completeness, like a white furnace


   Concern that all   dream potential  includes 

chronic wife (not really) the chronic snore moreover out or....
zoom into television cuts in stored bites repeating
sequin-tailed angelic madness; effects interrupted
as home


Therefore famished-- great
joy isn't,
the sacred isn't. Instinct
intact, yet lashing
blind elements absorb quickly...
amazing time


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Monday, February 09, 2004


Give me
your every new arrival,
country of embellishment
double life. The golden door
thrives on embellishment
practice making one person
of another skin

Let's talk about the double flow
hammered by sparks
when connections break
comedies -
slight of pretense

Aren't you the cleverer sweet faith

The fettered
penniless disputes
betray Delicacy

The spell that buys everything.

from I.America

posted by Li  # 12:31 PM

Sunday, February 08, 2004



every morning
through marvelous
sometimes I cannot
stop-stare exquisite

If she puts a
baby in her,
stomach may pop
below the weasel
admires you

What is this picture of morning,
how must it have been?

Fatten up
the honor of no
rehearsal - {Karyn spoketh}
not quite so perfect - {of mine}

A full house
Sunday if reluctance
has secrets, convey bliss.

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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Ice Cycles [1]

   Never been happier note

preceding a 'spiritual' pause -announce ordinary
questions fit for no queen GLORIA, when will
you arise

Me, my self & I lit the safety
harness trampled under her accent: the reach-out
echoes 'cross rolling hills
to overwritten skills, -joints cringe- again ### no-room-

Never compare
successes I swear
listen, open bubbles pack through my
nervous interior; away captain wishes


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Friday, February 06, 2004


Is stress singular sight? 

and the overstressed bearings -

they are all

duel ...and afraid to accept

factual Together.

We can (cannot) accept

tonight's friendly joint supper

Come, I home-made it you are

stifling me

a judgment... Oh yes, they satisfy

soul-food requisite, her bread's

a jealous rich beggar.

Emphasis plus, plus economic column

knows a lot, & reads a lot:

Sports news Political things,

level five Fiction & Authors

Maude or mom or ghost

or vodka at the reading

This does not matter,

things that do not change offered

by appearance, by

a three child offering

dark womanhood contained.

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Knowing What, Knowing What

   What song

is that
called The Quick Step
which you like
squishes more whack
what song
whips the band
starts to play
When comes the
drum past Mrs. Dunn?
quitting quack

reading many fun books about
work growing stories
family quilts

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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

who can say both yes & no, &
tell you why.

Thus picking
serious ART about
Thought of appreciation
scans sound
Doing it, when certainly they do not. And yet,
the spectacle male thing picks
a good one, {poetic numbers: Welcome hyperbole!}
{underlies for now his name is Gummy}

Welcome, adios to the islands.

Keeping tabs on business
Certainly nailed Willy
On invigorated role problem
Leaves little voice no room
For form only sent this
Morning two objects

posted by Li  # 4:01 PM

       An arrangement seeks fluidity

dear man-chile, spanking jealous; quirky wishes,
speak --count parodies. Finest wonder knows
truth takes pleasure & shade "promise
me" emerges Consistent adolescence under
overtaking a Nurturer
the Duama.

posted by Li  # 7:10 AM

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

       Rush of low insight 

maintenance breaking weird flow
cheeky things aren't to blame. Tall, strong and blowing
clear deep foot in snow
knows pressure NOT abandoning
breathe you.

Impressions of indifference writing 1st time
didn't *hear* northpointing high, 2nd time
can't remember
duh. Bigger deal, builds petty
nip resentment...

Too much bicker drama bad-good friend
the stars- shall they navigate...
waiting for the Hat.

posted by Li  # 7:47 PM
Go River Go

It goes something like this--

    subject "unpleasable" sorry

out of context
a matador
all bulls rushing
the phantom cape upon
dancing upheaval
the lady.

Please tell us his nickname isn't harry.


posted by Li  # 6:12 PM
:straight pretend:

bublic idot
iiiot inagfo
thore bore
all the smame
tender prey

posted by Li  # 5:15 PM

Monday, February 02, 2004


Soon the masquerade 

of hysteria
flat U shape
s ions
p a t
e c l

Naked highlights
to b b
u u u
r r

Child's play
lacquered in orange-black


Serious blue rhetoric
wedding canvas
behind the video,
clear mache

Runner on the ceiling
sleep paints

posted by Li  # 12:17 PM
You have also felt the seesaw effect
holding up as I go down, having moments
next to no explanation I am coming
off a phase of yours
within hours before
after leaving


posted by Li  # 12:07 PM
They danced en pointe, tres bien
and felt well.
My machine can give you claws
they pause
My machine can move your machine
without protection
For a cold nose
believing in love
need not tell


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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Either yodel
or give complex evidence:

     whose secret reveals less than whose

When love reduces complexity

   suspense hangs - superstition's next move

& stirring: which love?


posted by Li  # 8:42 PM

Even admitting that I don't enjoy public readings
why -- because the narcissist resists failure? --
notwithstanding -- pain can lead to tremendous


a t i
f a
t i
o n

posted by Li  # 12:58 PM
A thought translates
feeling through brain
& heart vice versa
Of tumbling off
effects through
the primitive
machinery... BODY
Because we relish being happy
do it right, she says, or don't do it.


posted by Li  # 12:43 PM


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